Me-made-May 2017: day 4, more knit!



Me-made-May 2017: day 3, top in black knit

Voila! Day three, same self-drafted top is medium-weight black knit. The neckline is finished with facings, carefully tacked down with a single stitch here and there all the way around the neckline. Pain in the ass. But I needed a simple black top in my wardrobe. You gotta love how forgiving knits are, and I really like to scoop neckline…

Me-made-May 2017: a pledge, a pattern

Good grief, it’s been forever since my last post. Not to say I haven’t been sewing, but not much, and nothing really worth posting. Life gets in the way sometimes, right?

So here we are, me-made-May again. Last time I checked, Zoe had over 600 people pledge to sew and craft their way through the month. Pretty great! So here’s mine:

I, Nadine Bennett, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’17. I endeavour to sew and wear one new garment each day (if humanly possible) for the duration of May 2017, using only fabrics in my current stash. I will also endeavour to donate a minimum of 5 lesser worn garments from my closet, want not, waste not…

I’m planning to use only 4 patterns from my collection, 1 pattern per week, to show how easy it is to use a multitude of fabrics and minor changes to a single pattern to get very individual garments. It’s going to be a great way to burn through some of my stash too. Let the fun begin!

So this week, I’m starting with a self-drafted pattern. I have this great simple top in my wardrobe, bought off the rack. It’s a dark grey silk, cap sleeves, loose fit but elegant. I paid too much, more than I normally would, but the fit was great, and my ever-sewing-in-my-imagination brain realized when trying it on for the first time at the store that I could easily trace the pattern at home and make a hundred more tops. So I carted my prized purchase home, laid it out on brown kraft paper, and traced around the edges, adding 1/2″ for seams and tracing out facings. Simple, right?

Yep. This is the first go at the top, in a lightweight challis. Not bad, but I didn’t interface the neckline facings, and I think the fabric needed a little support. And the sleeves are a little tight, but not so much that I care to unpick them and redo them, no thanks!. It’s all good, this will make a great top for under blazers and cardigans…

Happy me-made-May, let the fun begin!