MMM 2015, Day 17: Hungarian embroidery – modern Matyó piece

Me-Made-May, day 17!

Still catching up on same late me-made-May posts, but I’m still sticking to the plan and trying to finish a piece for each day in May. Here’s what I finished last week…

According to my plan, Sundays during Me-Made-May are Hungarian embroidery days. Here’s a piece I started some time ago, Matyo embroidery, from the North-Eastern region of Hungary. It was meant to be a Christmas gift for my parents, but our sweet kitty passed away a few weeks before the holidays, and frankly, I just didn’t have the heart to finish it. But here it is, thanks to the push in me-made-May! It will have to serve as an anniversary gift instead, I think they’ll be pleased…


It appears to be a modernized rendition of Matyo design, using traditional shapes but in a non-traditional arrangement. It’s not an original design, as such I won’t be providing you the design pattern, but I’m having a heck of a time uncovering the original source. I found a picture of the original embroidery in several places online, but none which claim to be the original source. If anyone can help me on this, please send me a message. It appears to be part of a collection of square-shaped pieces from various regions of Hungary, depicting the various styles of embroidery. Hmmm I may have to tackle them all…

I made this piece by copying the picture into a Word document, sizing and printing it. I then traced the design onto fabric using a pen:


Matyo is probably my favourite style of Hungarian embroidery. I love the cheerful colours, and the symmetry. In this piece, the typical mirror-image symmetry has been replaced with a more free-flowing design, with flowers and leaves draped loosely from the cabbage rose in the centre. If you’d like to give Matyo a try, Kate & Rose Patterns offers similar traditional floral motifs in modern settings.

FullSizeRender-68  FullSizeRender-71

IMG_1595  FullSizeRender-70


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