MMM 2015, Day 14: Pencil skirt drafted into an A-line, in a loud and obnoxious knit print

Me-Made-May, day 14!

Whew, the last week has been pretty busy, so I’m slowly clearing out the backlog of projects posts for Me-made-May. Thursdays during Me-Made-May are a time to explore variations on the pencil skirt. Today I’m wearing an A-line version of the pencil skirt, with a waistband:

FullSizeRender-51  FullSizeRender-52

The fabric is actually kinda hideous, but I think it works as a skirt, paired with a solid black top.

Garment Assembly & Alterations:

The construction was quite simple: take the front and back pieces of any basic pencil skirt pattern, and simply cut them on an incline as shown below, to form an “A”-line skirt:


You’ll notice I cut inside the lines towards the top of the skirt – I was using a knit fabric, so taking it in a bit in this area ensured it would sit snugly around my hips. I sewed up the sides, and then cut a long strip of fabric for the band. I sewed the around the top, then folded it over to the inside and hand-basted it to the inside skirt top:


Final thoughts:

Quick, simple. Kinda hideous, but I’m ok with that.


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