MMM 2015, Day 13: simple knit dress, with double darts

Me-Made-May, day 13! Wednesdays during Me-Made-May were supposed to be variations on Burda’s Princess Seam Dress #138 09/2014, but I kinda gave up on the pattern last week. The muslin needs to be redone, and honestly, that style is probably more suitable for fall. So today, I’m showing a piece I finished a while back but never blogged about. It’s a rendition of By Hand London’s Anna dress. Apparenyly, I’m a moron, because I didn’t realize it was available as a pdf download, and didn’t want to wait for a paper pattern to be shipped overseas. Turns out its ONLY available as a pdf. Mine’s definitely not as nice, but it will do for now! FullSizeRender-49 FullSizeRender-47

As with most of my dresses, I kept a centre back seam down the back of the dress even though this was a stretchy knit fabric, to allow for a swayback adjustment. Worked pretty well, decent fit:

FullSizeRender-48  FullSizeRender-50

Pattern & Instructions: I can’t outline the exact steps I used to draft the pattern, but here’s the basic gist. I used my basic top and skirt sloper for knits. I added double darts to both the top under bust, and skirt. See line drawing below. I kept taking the darts in on the top until the fit was nice and snug under the bust. I sewed darts in the skirt, so that they lined up with the darts in the top.


Final thoughts: I like it, but need to buy the Anna. I have Anna-envy, check out these to see what I mean…


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