MMM 2015, Day 10: Hungarian embroidery – Róza peasant top, with red/blue Palóc design

Me-Made-May, day 10!

Sundays during Me-Made-May are Hungarian embroidery days, and today is another version of the Róza top, also featured last week. The embroidery used for this version is my rendition of a traditional Palóc design, from northern Hungary. I’ve provided the pattern below, should you want to give it a try!

Here’s a link to more images of Palóc embroidery.

IMG_1430 FullSizeRender-38

IMG_0788 IMG_0796

Embroidery Pattern:


Palóc Design, SeaminglySensationalSewing

Garment Assembly and Alterations – see last week’s post.

This version is a cross between both options provided with the pattern – I used the centre square piece to embroider on, but decided to finish the centre front with a straight piece of fabric instead of the fuller option.

Thread used = DMC666, DMC825

Final Thoughts:

Happy, happy, happy!!!


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