MMM 2015, Day 8: Sorbetto top, with slopped sleeves

Me-Made-May, day 2!

Fridays during Me-Made-May are Sorbetto days. Last Friday, I made a straight-up version, with no alterations, so you could see how the pattern looks on its own. Today, I’m showing a simple modification to the shoulder seam to create a slopped sleeve. I love the fabric, it’s a cheery orange poly-something, with cream and navy hearts.

FullSizeRender-32 P8040044

Pattern & Instructions & Garment Assembly – see the first Sorbetto post in Me-Made-May

Garment Alterations:

Pardon the mess pattern drafting, ignore the squiggly lines, at least you get the idea of the basic shape. I simply extended the shoulder out to a short sleeve, keeping with the curve of the shoulder seam. After assembling the top, I used a small strip of bias binding made from the same fabric, sewed on, folded it under, and hand stitched it down. You could probably just roll the sleeve hem and stitch it in place.

P8040040 FullSizeRender-33

I realized too, it’s not in the original pattern I don’t think, but I started sewing the back of the Sorbetto in 2 pieces, with a seam down the centre. This allowed me to to do a swayback adjustment along the centre. I think this back shot also shows how much nicer the top looks when it’s been tapered in at the sides a little…


Final Thoughts:

I like…


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