MMM 2015, Day 6: Burda #138 princess seam dress, sadly a fail…

Me-Made-May, day 6!

Wednesdays during Me-Made-May are Burda Princess Seam Dress #138 days, but sadly, today’s wearable muslin is going in the “fail” pile. The fit is waaaaay off. I managed to wear it with a little black cardi to cover up the top, but otherwise the puckering at the bust seams is not nice…

IMG_1370 FullSizeRender-24138-092014-M_large

I used this pattern, but cut the various pieces near the neckline as one. The muslin looked pretty good.

So what happened? I know exactly what happened: I rushed, and despite starting with a muslin, I made a few adjustments on the final garment but didn’t really check to be sure they were 100% correct before finishing the seams. I went overboard, taking in the bust seam near the armpit too much, which made the seam tight and bunchy. Also makes me realize that while I quite like princess seams, I think a simple shift would have been better, so I think I’m going to stick with that style instead for now…lesson learned.


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