MMM 2015, Day 5: Butterick 5951, as a top in knit

Me-Made-May, day 2!

Tuesdays during Me-Made-May are Butterick 5951 days, a cute dress with front shoulder and under-bust ruching. For today’s piece, I used the dress pattern to make a top, and further adapted for knits so that I could use up a piece of cotton knit fabric brought back from Vietnam by one of my sisters. I like the hearts print, paired with a black skirt it made a cute outfit for a sunny spring day.

FullSizeRender-23  FullSizeRender-21

Pattern & Instructions:

Level of Difficulty – novice/intermediate. PDF download = 55 pages to print, giving you 2 options for the top, and 2 options for the skirt. Worth it, in my opinion.

Sizes 8-24

Garment Assembly:

(1) sew darts on front piece, and then on back piece, (2) attached front to back at sides, (3) hem sleeves, set into sleeve holes and sew, (4) folder over neckline and topstitch in place, (5) hem bottom. I used a zigzag stitch to assemble, and finished the inside seams with another line of zigzag stitching, nothing fancy. I also used a strip of bias binding along the ruches seams in order to stabilize the gathers.

FullSizeRender-22  IMG_1264

Garment Alterations:

To make the top, I added a few inches of length to the front and back pieces.

IMG_1253 FullSizeRender-20

To adapt for knits, I took a bit off the shoulder and side seams. I didn’t use the facing around the neckline, but rather folded over the fabric twice and top-stitched in place. I probably should have taken the darts in more under the bust, but hey, it doesn’t look awful.

IMG_1258  IMG_1260

Final Thoughts:

I like it, a little causal for work but paired with a black skirt it looks just fine, even got a few compliments.

Check out this google search for more design inspiration!


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