MMM 2015, Day 1: Sorbetto top, classic fit in vintage print chiffon

Me-Made-May, day 1!

I’ve been sewing like a madwoman for the last few weeks in preparation, happy happy! Fridays during Me-Made-May are Sorbetto days, a free PDF download from Colette Patterns, featuring bust darts, bound neckline and armholes, and a box pleat detail down the front. Today, I’m featuring the top sewn as instructed, with no creative modifications on the style or design, so you’ll see what the basic pattern looks like.

   IMG_1095   IMG_0969

Pattern & Instructions:

The pattern is a free PDF download by Colette Patterns, which also offers instruction on using PDF sewing patterns. Total of 16 pages to print. The instructions as written are very clear, making them easy to follow.

Level of Difficulty – beginner, super easy!

Sizes 0-18

Garment Assembly:

To assemble, (1) sew the fold line to create the box pleat on the front piece, (2) sew darts, shoulder and side seams, (3) bind neckline and armholes, and (4) hem the bottom. That’s it, seriously. If you create a perfect fit muslin first, any subsequent Sorbettos can be whipped up in about 45-60mins, start to finish, I kid you not. Since my fabric was a sheer chiffon, I decided to create a second Sorbetto in opaque white fabric, to serve as a lining. To make the lining, omit the center fold when cutting the front piece, cut the hem 1-2″ shorter, sew darts and seams according to directions, and attach to the outer shell at the arm and neck holes. This way, when you sew on your binding, you’re sewing it over both inner lining and outer shell. Took a little longer to finish the top, but I like the finished look, and sheer chiffons are so cute!

IMG_1034    IMG_0971

Garment Alterations:

As per usual, my rather chesty self required a full bust adjustment to the front piece, giving enough room to move around comfortably. I added a couple of inches to the length, since I have a long torso, and tapered in at the waist to give the top a little more shape. Not necessary, but I prefer the way it looks on me.

Final Thoughts:

The Sorbetto is a must-have; it’s quick, cute, and a great wardrobe-builder. I recommend making a muslin and transferring any adjustments back to the paper pattern pieces – you’ll have a basic pattern for tops you can use many times over.

Check out this google search on the Sorbetto top for design inspiration!


3 thoughts on “MMM 2015, Day 1: Sorbetto top, classic fit in vintage print chiffon

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