Pet Projects: puppy pillow bed #1

In additional to foxy bandana and treat bags, more puppy projects! I’ll get around to sewing for myself soon, but for now we really needed a puppy bed for the living room, it was getting to be a pain to move her blankie from the bed in her crate and back each day. So off to the fabric store I went, and got enough fleece for 3 beds, here’s the first one finished, navy blue with an adorable print of deer and foxes napping. She loves it!

IMG1864    IMG1890

To design the pattern pieces, I waited until Leni was stretched out on the floor, napping, and took measurements of how long her body was and how much space she took up on the floor. This became the basis for the length and width of the pillow – it’s a decent size, without being huge. You’ll need a top and bottom piece, and if you’re planning on using piping cut a strip of fabric long enough to circle the entire perimeter. Then, decide on the material for padding the bed to make it comfy. If you’re using a foam block you can simply slide it into the casing as is, but if you’re using fluffy batting you’ll probably want to make a separate pillow for the inside of the casing, so cut out 2 more pieces the same size as your top piece. However you decide the construct the bed, you want to make sure you can launder the cover whenever needed, so being able to easily remove the padding helps.


As for construction, I started by making the exterior casing. For the bottom, turn the edges of the centre opening pieces back, and sew in place. Overlap the centre opening pieces, and sew in snaps to create a closure. Lay the bottom piece over the top piece, and trim up edges to ensure both pieces are the same size. If using piping, here’s a handy tutorial for making the piping, and one for attaching and sewing it to the pillow pieces. Follow the steps as illustrated, sandwiching the piping between front and back pieces and sewing through all layers. Unsnap your centre opening, and turn outside right.

Next, I made the interior bed pillow. Sew both pieces of fabric together, leaving an opening of about 7-8″ to use for stuffing the bed pillow. You can use quilt batting, or simply purchase a decorative microfiber-filled pillow, rip open the casing, remove and fluff the stuffing. I found a couple of decorative pillows on sale, so using the stuffing from those was much cheaper than buying batting. Once the bed pillow is stuffed, sew the opening closed, and use a needle and thread to tack down the pillow in a few spots. This will help flatten the bed pillow, making the surface a bit more stable for puppy to lay on.

IMG1885   IMG1861

Slide the bed pillow into the outer casing, snap the opening shut, and voila! Puppy luxury awaits…

IMG1881   Photo on 2015-01-04 at 8.42 PM



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