Too many monkeys, not enough mics…

Whew, where have the months gone?!? Been awhile since I posted something new. Heck, been awhile since I actually finished anything new. Until tonight. My rockstar hubby asked me awhile back to make him some simple covers for his microphones – he’s in a band, practice sometimes takes place here. The covers are to keep dust or dirt off mics when they aren’t in use, simply slide them over the mic, tighten up the drawstring and voila!

P9250068  P9250077

Turned out well, used cute monkey music fabric, but I’m pretty pissed with the single fabric retail chain here in Canada. If you’re Canadian, you know who I’m talking about. My biggest beef = more often than not, you’re paying a decent price for really low quality. As soon as I washed this fabric, a brushed cotton, bits of naked white spots appeared, as if some of the blue top layer pulled off in the wash. Not the end of the world for mic covers, but it was “buy 1m get 2m free” so I had planned to make jammies with the remaining fabric, bought blue lace and cute buttons to match. arg. will have to think on that one.

But still, monkey fabric, yay! and music-themed at that. the monkeys appear to DJing, there’s turntables and headphones and everyone seems happy. Hubby will be pleased.


I used the same steps as in my orphaned socks bag, threw on some vinyl, and banged out 3 in under 1.5hrs. With fancier fabric and a little more attention to detail, this kind of project would make great Christmas gifts for freidns and family.

Yay sewing!