Burda 10/2012 #114A: rouched top

me-made-March day 7!

Here’s another top I made a few months back, when I started experimenting more with knits.  Awesome design, really simple to put together. Sometimes I fancy it up by wearing it with a black pencil skirt, and a little belt around the waistline of the top. Man, check out the swimmer’s shoulders, I can’t wait for the snow to melt so we can hit the lake again. I swim open water, and train with a triathlon club, this year hubby will be my kayaker for competitions. But seriously, I have to adjust patterns to accommodate my upper back and shoulders. Can’t say I mind  😉


I traced the pattern from Burda magazine, but it can be downloaded in PDF form Burda 10/2012 #114A. The only alteration I would make next time is to lengthen the body, I find the length a little too short, but I have a long torso so it’s an adjustment I often make for tops anyhow. Here’s the inside of the top. The construction is quite simple; the back is one solid piece, the front has a gathered seam down the middle, front and back have facings at the neckline, and simple sleeves (I trimmed to 3/4 length). Here you can see the front center seam, which was first sewn with large basting stitches, gathered up, and stabilized with the use of bias tape. Once the gathers are all in place and evenly distributed, add the bias binding and sew in place with a regular straight stitch – this keeps the ruched center front seam from moving about while being worn.


The pattern is quite simple, and the top is comfortable to wear. I’ll be making a few more of these, probably in lighter fabrics for summer, maybe even a couple of sleeveless versions.

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