How to turn a t-shirt into a cowl-neck top…

me-made-March day 2!

Thank goodness for me-made-March, it’s probably the only thing that got me out of pjs and into the shower today. Been feeling a bit run-down lately, long dreary winters will do that. Anyhooo, cowl neck tops, love them. There’s a couple of ways to make a cowl top, today we’ll look at a very simple way to turn any plain top pattern into a soft cowl. In the pics below, I used a thick sweaterknit, so the cowl folds over rather than drape loosely – the look will vary depending on the fabric you use. I paid $4.99/metre for this fabric, it was an end piece on the remnant table at Fabricland, it’s really cosy and warm.


Here are the basic construction steps used to draft and assemble the top:

Step 1: lay out the front pattern piece on your fabric, pinning it in place.

Step 2: re-draft the neckline as shown in the pics below, if you’re worried about not being able to draw a good half-circle to create the cowl, take a plate or bowl the width of the front neck hole and lay it down on the fabric. Trace around the rim of the plate/bowl, adding a seam allowance – this creates your cowl piece. If you’d like your neckline to be a bit more drapey, you’ll have to also split and open the front piece as shown below, see area in green. The extra fabric will allow the neckline to fall and drape downwards.


Step 4: turn under the seam allowance of the rounded cowl piece, and stitch in place.


Step 3: continue putting the top together by following the assembly instructions in your t-shirt pattern.

Feel like giving it a shot? Trace around an existing t-shirt for your pattern, or use a PDF pattern download:

Burda 10/2010 #140

Burda 12/2013 #128B

Lekala 5638

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