Simplicity 1877: simple fitted dress

(reposted from previous blog, published March 31, 2012)

The warmer weather here in Ottawa has me thinking of spring, and dresses, dresses, dresses! I love cute summer frocks, but last year I didn’t start sewing for summer until it was almost half over…and ended up spending what was left tucked away in my little sewing room instead of enjoying the warm weather. So this year, I’m starting early. 


And nothing says summer like a little black dress. Yeah, I know, it really doesn’t, but I’m desperate for a few easy foundation pieces as well as needing to use up some of my stash…so why not? I bought this pattern for 2 reasons. First, I was drawn to the shape, a cute sort-of-empire waistline that would flatter my shapely figure (small ribcage/waist, big bum). Second, it was on sale for $2.20, so I thought why not give it a shot? Here’s the technical drawing…cute, right?  I love the uniqueness of the flounces, but frankly, not for me. And, maybe just a little too unusual for my somewhat conservative office. So I made a variety of modifications…


– raised the neckline

– lengthened the skirt

– added U-shaped piece to underarm, was cut too low for my liking and bra was visible

– omitted flounces

Recommendation: finish arm & neck facings by hand, instead of rushing and doing it by machine, the pieces will lay flat instead of curling up a little (see sleeves in top pic, the edge of the sleeve curls out a bit).

View the company’s pattern details and instructional videos here.

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